Static IP address

All end systems in the campus have private IP addresses that are being translated dynamicaly to real addresses by the border router.

However, it is possible, in case of department servers, lab servers or stewardship servers, that the private address is translated to a real address staticaly. To get access to this service, please file this form. This service is not availiable for personal computers

For every change that may take place in the future concerning the contents of this form (new service provided by the specific server, a change of the person responsible for the server, etc.), you should contact the NOC. Also, the NOC should by notified in case the server is out of order permanently.

The NOC does not control the usage of the servers, therefor it cannot guarantee the quality nor the legitimacy of the contents. Proper use of the domain is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The applicant accepts the terms of proper use issued by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT). Indicative prohibited:

  • the storage and/or advertising of pornographic material,
  • the storage and/or advertising of abusive to third party material (libel, slander),
  • the storage and/or advertising of commercial or advertising material,
  • the storage and/or advertising of copyright theft material,
  • the storage and/or advertising of material that is not consistent with the academic profile of the service.