the NOC participates in the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT). The provided services are:

  • “Pithos”, online service for file and data storage
  • “Eudoxus”, online service for integrated textbook management
  • Microsoft Dreamspark, online service for students access to Microsoft Software and Development Tools
  • Anafandon-MSDNAA, online service for students access to Software and Development Tools through MSDN-Academic Alliance (subscription of the academic department is required)
  • Forrester, access to the published research and analysis of the global research and advisory firm
  • IPTV, Digital TV for the Academic Community
  • Real Time Services, Video Conferencing Services
  • myNetLab, online virtual network lab

The benefit of this service is that a user can sign once with his username/password account and gain access to all AAI services. The AAI negotiates with the LDAP server complex located in the TEI in order to authenticate a user, so the personal data and information of the user are not compromised.